Integrated Multi-Lane.

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iVeri’s IndiGo Multi-Lane solution can be integrated into various existing Till Systems enabling Retailers to have a single view of all transactions (cash and card) across multiple lanes or stores.

User-friendly integration process

The user-friendly integration ensures minimal disruption to existing systems while maximizing the benefits of a consolidated transaction and inventory management platform.

Cost Efficiency

IndiGo Cloud allows to significantly cut installation time and minimize ongoing maintenance fees. Our solution empowers businesses to streamline operations with a cost-effective approach, ensuring swift implementation and reduced cost over time.

Unified Transaction View

The solution provides retailers with a unified and centralized view of all transactions, across multiple lanes or stores.

Competitive Edge for Acquiring Banks

The comprehensive solution IndiGo offers goes beyond traditional payment processing, providing banks with a powerful tool to attract and retain merchants.

Operational Efficiency for Multi-Lane Retailers

IndiGo Multi-Lane addresses the retailers need to manage and consolidate data from multiple lanes. By integrating the payment module into the existing Till System, merchants can achieve a more streamlined and efficient process for handling transactions, as well as inventory management.

Holistic Business Insights

The integration of payment processing into the Till System simplifies the management of multiple systems, granting access to valuable insights into financial transactions and inventory sales, which facilitates decision-making and strategic planning.

Value Addition for Integrators

For system integrators, the integration of card payments through the IndiGo Multi-Lane solution offers an opportunity to enhance their product offering. It allows them to provide clients with a comprehensive solution that covers both payment processing and transaction management in one integrated package.

Customization and Scalability

IndiGo Multi-Lane is designed to be customizable and scalable, catering to the unique needs of different retailers. This flexibility ensures that the solution can adapt to evolving business requirements and grow alongside the retailer's operations.

Security and Compliance

IndiGo places a premium on security. Payments are processed over a secure channel, ensuring the safety of sensitive data. Additionally, the solution helps merchants enhance compliance with industry standards, reducing the likelihood of fraud and ensuring the integrity of financial transactions.

  1. On checkout, Scan and ring up the goods on the till system.
  2. Accept payment from the cardholder in person with POS device.
  3. Once the transaction processing is completed on the iVeri Gateway,  Receive payment for Goods.

Payment Methods 

Ways to pay online 

Key Benefits

Payments can be made anywhere, anytime – convenience
Payment is made over a secure channel, ensuring safety and ease
Ability to set Validity Period

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