mPress BackOffice User Guide

mPress BackOffice User Guide

For merchants who want to accept payments with their Mobile Device.

mPress is the first live mPOS EMV ‘CHIP & PIN’ certified mobile point-of-sale (PoS) solution in Africa. Businesses are able to process debit and credit card transactions by using their mobile device connected to a secure card reader.

mPress is suitable for any business that wishes to accept card payments securely without access to a fixed data or telephone line. mPress is more cost effective then the traditional PoS device.

The PoS device is small, with a secure PIN pad. The merchant is required to capture an email address into their smartphone application. On acceptance of the transaction amount, a digital receipt is sent to the captured email address.

The mPress merchant solution compromises of three distinct components: an Application on a mobile device, an mPoS Terminal and the iVeri Gateway which is integrated.

The Application is fully branded with your name, colours and logo. It is available from the Apple iOS and Android App stores.

Once the Application is downloaded and the merchant has been activated, they would pair with their mobile device via Bluetooth, and start accepting payments.