Batch BackOffice User Guide

Batch is a payment solution that allows for bulk payment uploads using the iVeri system. It enables a merchant to create and process large volume, card not present transactions. Batch requires merchants to create a file in a specific format and to upload It securely to the iVeri Payment Gateway for processing. Alternatively, merchants can also use the Create Batch function to manually create batches for uploading and processing. iVeri automatically creates the batch in the required format. Batches are uniquely identified and can be set up to be processed on a date in the future. This is ideal for month ends that fall on a weekend or a public holiday. Batch merchants are able to return to iVeri Back Office and view the status of their batch once it has been processed.

Upload File

* Upload File * ** * Purpose * – To upload a batch file on to the iVeri Gateway for processing. * Action: * Click on Browse to locate the batch you wish to upload. When located on your PC, highlight the file, and click on Open. Then click on Submit. The message “/Thank you, your file has been uploaded to our server. / /Once the file has been loaded into our database an e-mail will be sent to/…” will be displayed. If the upload was not successful, the reason for the failure will be displayed. A little while later, an email will be sent to the address captured in Batch – configure Applications, confirming either success or failure of the upload


mPress ***

Enterprise BackOffice User Guide

Enterprise BackOffice User Guide * ** Corporate Strength APIs Enterprise consists of two APIs which are intended for businesses that need the flexibility to integrate and customise a transaction processing engine to their own unique business requirements. This solution provides businesses with the ultimate control to manage their card processing requirements. iVeri Enterprise APIs also allow for central processing of multichannel card payments. Payments received from the internet, the call centre and from the physical point of sale or kiosk can all be processed using the power and versatility of IVeri Enterprise. Developers can chose between the Rest or SOAP versions of iVeri Enterprise API.


Reconcilation* **

Registering as a merchant

*Registering as a merchant * ** Merchant account can be attained by registering with an acquiring bank, a list of which can be found on this page [1] [1] /knowsystem/distributors-contact-information-33

Gateway Release Notes V 4.130

Gateway Release Notes V 4.130 * ** / Hosted Gateway: /* Date: 21/05/2023 Start Time: 20:00 UCT +2 Duration: 2-4hrs Expected Downtime: 5-10mins. / Nedbank Gateway:  /* Date: 11/06/2023 Start Time: 20:00 UCT +2 Duration: 2-4hrs Expected Downtime: 5-10mins. Enhancements * Compliance – Mastercard Edits* MCI: Edit 7 - TermPOS The Terminal Operating Environment value in POSDATA element has been updated from value “5” to “0” for instances where POSEntryMode is set to “01 Amendments have been made on DE 123 for MasterPass Pin authenticated transactions. Backoffice 2 * The inclusion of the "View All" option for Batch users together with the ability to view transactions performed under specific users has been introduced. With this change it is now possible for users to view and do subsequent actions

Test File

* Test File * ** * Purpose *– A test batch file can be created to validate that the file format uploaded is in accordance with the iVeri Batch Specification. The test results will provide details should there be any errors within the Test file. * Action: * Click on Browse to locate the created batch. When located on your PC, highlight the file, and click on Open. Then click on Submit. Alternatively the user can drag and drop the file in the space provided. The result of the format test of the selected batch will be displayed

Profile Parameters

Profile Parameters * ** Purpose - * To set the Security Parameters for all users in terms of their passwords, validity, suspension, and login notifications. These parameters can only be set by the Back Office Administrator. Action:  * In the menu bar, click on User Manager, scroll to, and click on Security Configuration. This will bring up the following form on which you can now change the system defaults to suit your own requirements. Please remember that changes made to the defaults will apply to ALL users that you have given BackOffice access to / Note: /* Strong Password: The default is No. This means that the password can be anything if it is not less than the default minimum length. If you change the default to Yes, then the user’s password must be a combination of alpha/numeric and

3D Secure

3D Secure * ** 3D secure is an XML-based security protocol for online credit and debit card transactions. 3D Secure adds an authentication step for online payments, making it possible for cardholders to authenticate their online transactions with their card issuers, using a password or OTP. Benefits of using 3D secure * Reduces fraudulent debit & credit card transactions processed through online platforms Gives the merchants and acquiring bank liability protection 3D secure providers * CyberSource Bankserve 3D secure with iVeri * High: 3D secure – If a merchant is deemed high risk, the acquiring bank can set merchants on this level. Merchants that want lowest possible risk can also opt for this level. Medium: 3D secure/attempted- This option gives merchants a broader reach in the cards the