We all want Payments to be easier & quicker & cheaper
 Tap on Phone

Card Payments minus the cost of the Card Machine

With tap on phone you can accept card payments with just one tap on your Android phone.

mPress Tap on Phone

What is it?

Tap-on-phone is a new payment feature added to our mPress app that enables businesses to use compatible smartphones to accept cards - minus the cost of the Card Machine.

Lower your Costs - Grow your business - one tap at a time.

Accept payments anywhere, anytime.

No matter where your business takes you, with Tap on Phone you can accept card payments on the go. All you need is your Android smartphone.

mPress App available in the App Store

Android only

How does tap on phone work?

Download the latest version of the mPress app on your compatible smartphone*:

Open your mPress app.

Insert the transaction amount.

Select the tap-on-phone option.

Ask your customer to tap their contactless card on the back of your phone, and enter their card PIN when requested to do so. 

And that's it - payment received, and transaction recorded. Securely process card transactions, with no hassle and no fuss. 

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How do I get tap on phone?

Tap on phone works on compatible smartphones only. If you have a compatible smartphone and you are:

an existing iVeri merchant, download the latest version of the mPress app to access the new features or e-mail  assist@iveri.co.za

Which cards can I accept with tap on phone?

You can accept MasterCard, Visa cards and American Express cards that are contactless enabled, for transactions below R500, with just a tap. Contactless transactions above the cardholder verification limit will require the cardholder to enter their card PIN.

 *Compatible smartphones: Tap on phone works on Google-compatible, NFC enabled smartphones with Android 8.0 or later.

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