DiVert Functionality

DiVert Functionality * ** The Divert API has a parameter “CreateTransactionUrl” that can be set to either “True or “False”. The value set determines how the Gateway handles and processes the message request. Scenario 1 * If CreateTransactionUrl” is set to“True” - the Gateway generates a transaction URL and makes a callback to the merchant with the URL. The merchant can then construct and format their own message, including the URL (returned by the Gateway) and distribute the message to their cardholder using either SMS|Email When the cardholder receives the messages, it will have all the particulars of the merchant, the cardholder can then click on the URL, and be redirected to a payment page wherein they can make a payment to the merchant Scenario 2* If CreateTransactionUrl is set to “Fal

Profile Parameters

Profile Parameters * ** Purpose - * To set the Security Parameters for all users in terms of their passwords, validity, suspension, and login notifications. These parameters can only be set by the Back Office Administrator. Action:  * In the menu bar, click on User Manager, scroll to, and click on Security Configuration. This will bring up the following form on which you can now change the system defaults to suit your own requirements. Please remember that changes made to the defaults will apply to ALL users that you have given BackOffice access to / Note: /* Strong Password: The default is No. This means that the password can be anything if it is not less than the default minimum length. If you change the default to Yes, then the user’s password must be a combination of alpha/numeric and

3D Secure

3D Secure * ** 3D secure is an XML-based security protocol for online credit and debit card transactions. 3D Secure adds an authentication step for online payments, making it possible for cardholders to authenticate their online transactions with their card issuers, using a password or OTP. Benefits of using 3D secure * Reduces fraudulent debit & credit card transactions processed through online platforms Gives the merchants and acquiring bank liability protection 3D secure providers * CyberSource Bankserve 3D secure with iVeri * High: 3D secure – If a merchant is deemed high risk, the acquiring bank can set merchants on this level. Merchants that want lowest possible risk can also opt for this level. Medium: 3D secure/attempted- This option gives merchants a broader reach in the cards the

DiVert BackOffice User Guide

DiVert BackOffice User Guide * ** This document details the functionality available in Backoffice for DiVert merchants. The merchant interface (URL) to be accessed depends on the acquirer in which the merchant has an agreement with.

iVeri Lite WooCommerce 8 Plug-in

* iVeri Lite WooCommerce * ** The iVeri Lite Payment Gateway is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing merchants to accept payment through the iVeri Payment Gateway. The extension works by giving customers the option to pay via iVeri and then redirecting them to iVeri to make payment. * /Installation/ * The plugin can be installed in 2 ways: 1. Upload the zip file using the WordPress Admin Plugin Upload 2. Upload the extracted zip file via FTP to /wp-content/plugins/ on your WordPress website To change the logo that appears on the website, replace the logo.png file with the correct logo.png file you would like to make use of. The file is located under /assets/images/. Please keep the file name the same and the dimensions of the logo/image the same. */ Usage /* A merchant account and r

Core Functions in Backoffice

The merchant portal Backoffice allows for the following core functions Management of User Creation of users Transaction Types allowed per user created Backoffice functionality views allowed Applications permitted on a user created Transaction Reports & Listing & Lookups Recon Reports Blacklisting of cards Customise payment request page with Merchant’s Corporate Identity. Create Transaction Requests Process Subsequent Transactions (Refunds)


Login * ** Purpose * - To log in to the secure BackOffice Website, login credentials are emailed to the merchant during taken on process by the acquirer. Action: * User Group - enter your Billing Details ID User Name - type in Administrator Password - this is the Administrator password sent to you with the Billing Details ID by email. Copy and paste it from the email.

Create Transaction Request

* Create Transaction Request * ** */ Purpose /* - This function allows you to create a request for payment to be sent to cardholder /* Action: */ On the main menu bar, select the DiVert menu, Select Transactions and click on Create Transaction Request. */ Action: /* Select the relevant Application ID. A Capture Transaction screen will be displayed */ Action: /* Complete the details on the capture page and click Submit. A resultant page will then be displayed. Once completed the Submit button is selected and the below Pop up screen will be displayed.

Configure – Application

Configure – Application * ** Purpose * – Configuring your application needs to take place before a user can create a batch. To capture the email address of the person to whom the confirmation email will be sent after the upload of a batch confirming either the successful upload or an error in the upload to the selected Application ID. Action *: The user will select the applicable Application ID. Action * : On the application settings form, the user will capture the email address where all notifications will be sent. The success message, “Application Fields Modified” will be displayed indicating that the application has been configured successfully.