Swift integration, rapid go-to-market. 

iVeri Lite empowers merchants to effortlessly accept payments, requiring minimal technical expertise, resulting in a faster go-to-market. 

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iVeri Lite is a redirect hosted payment page solution, for card-not-present transactions, designed to facilitate secure and efficient e-commerce payments on merchant websites.

Swift Integration, Rapid go-to-market

iVeri Lite empowers merchants to effortlessly accept payments, requiring minimal technical expertise, resulting in a faster go-to-market.

Security and Compliance

iVeri Lite places a premium on security. Payments are processed over a secure channel, ensuring the safety of sensitive data. Additionally, iVeri Lite helps merchants reduce their PCI DSS scope, enhancing compliance with industry standards.

Value-Added Service

iVeri Lite offers an option to incorporate 3D Secure, adding an extra layer of security for both merchants and cardholders. This feature ensures that transactions are authenticated, offering enhanced protection to both merchants and cardholders.

Reporting & Monitoring

Access a comprehensive transaction history report, enabling you to gain actionable insights into your payment activities. Effortlessly search and retrieve specific transaction details using our transaction lookup feature.

Customization Made Simple

Seamlessly manage your operations through our intuitive BackOffice interface, empowering you to customize your email settings, payment page inputs, logos, and much more….

Enhanced Customer Experience

the payment page can be fully customized to mirror the corporate identity, enhancing brand engagement.

  1. Initiating Payment: As your customers proceed to checkout on your website, they are smoothly redirected to a secure payment page hosted by iVeri.
  2. Submitting Payment Details: On the iVeri-hosted payment page, your customers securely input their payment information, such as credit card details. The robust encryption ensures that their data remains confidential and protected.
  3. Effortless Transaction Processing: The gateway processes the transaction securely, maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.
  4. Completion and Return: Following successful transaction processing, your customers are directed back to your merchant website seamlessly.

Payment Methods 

Ways to pay online 

Lite hosted payment page can 

be integrated in 1 of 3 ways

Full Redirect - A full redirect to the hosted payment page

LiteBox - The LiteBox hosted payment appears or pops up within the merchant’s website

Shopping Carts (plugins)

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