Create Batch

Create Batch

Purpose -To create a batch file and upload for processing from within BackOffice. The system will automatically create both the header record as well as the trailer record in accordance with the iVeri

The  result shows the status of the batch(es) for the selected period. If there is a difference between the # Processed and # Reconciled, then click on the View Errors button.

This brings up the list of failed/error transactions in the selected batch. Drag your mouse over the Status of a particular transaction and the reason for the failure will be displayed for the selected transaction.

Please Note: 

This Creation is a once-off batch which cannot be retrieved for editing or use again after it has been created and uploaded. A new batch needs to be created using this function each time.

Select an Application ID

Select New transaction in order to start capturing your own batch entries.

Once you have captured the transaction(s) each time select Save. Continue with this process until you have captured all the transactions you want to process.


  • Merchant Terminal – The default is BATCH. If you want to sort your transactions in the Transaction Details Report, you can allocate your own terminal number for each transaction by deleting the word BATCH and replacing it with your own identifier. The maximum length of this field is 8 characters.
  • Budget Period – Only complete this field if the cardholder has requested the payment to go on Budget. If not, leave it blank.
  • Transaction Type – The default is Sale. If you are doing a different type of transaction, click on the drop down and select your transaction type.
  • Authorization Code – If you have obtained a pre-authorization code from the Authorization Centre, enter the code. If you were given a code longer than six digits, only enter the last six numbers.
  • Transaction Amount – As shown, the amount MUST be in cents. For example, R100.00 is entered as 10000. R1050.20 is entered as 105020 and so on.
  • Reference Number – This is a Unique identifier for the transaction. The default here is AUTOGENERATE, iVeri will allocate an invoice number to the transaction. The maximum number of characters you can use here is 32. It is an alpha/numeric field. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY COMMAs in this field. Also remember that if you use your own Reference Number here, you cannot use it again for 6 months. If you do, then the next time you use it within the 6 month period, the transaction will be rejected as “Duplicate Merchant Reference”.

If you find that you need to change some details or delete a transaction which you have already captured before uploading the batch for processing, find the transaction you want to Delete or Edit in the top section. Click on the transaction and the details will be populated in the bottom capture section. Make your changes and click on Update to effect your changes or click on Delete to remove the transaction from the batch. When you have finished capturing your transactions, click on Confirm

Once you have completed adding all your entries select Confirm. 

Action: Once ‘confirm’ has been selected on the above screen, the system will require you to provide the batch a file name. Select ‘Submit’ once done.

Confirmation screen will appear.