Customize Card Details Capture Layout

Customize Card Details Capture Layout

From the ‘Customise Card details capture Layout page, the Administrator can customise the look and feel of the payment page.

This is a preview of the defaulted payment page that cardholders will see.

On the main menu go to Lite > Configure Application > Select an application ID and then select Customize Card Details Capture Layout tab.

Click on the Application ID you want to customise, i.e., either the Test or the Live. 

Make the relevant changes and click on Submit. 

Please Note: 

The user can upload the company logo to align with their company’s Corporate Identity. JPEG and PNG are the accepted file extensions.

Under Style, the user will be able to customize the following:

  • Font colour
  • Font type
  • Form top background colour
  • Form bottom background colour
  • Page background colour
  • Button background colour
  • Choose to have a border around the payment section
  • Choose whether to display company logo on the payment page.