Customize Details

Customize Details

Configuring your application is important. Configuring your application needs to take place before a user can process transactions. Lite users need to configure and customise the details pertaining to:

  • Order Basket
  • Card Holder details
  • Transaction Details 
  • Billing and shipping details

The fields that are ticked and greyed out are mandatory fields that cannot be configured. The merchant can configure the fields that they feel are applicable  and determine whether the fields require a prompt for input for the cardholder, appear on the invoice and/or show on the order details.

How you want the basket details to look like on the payment page.

 NOTE: The above image only reflects a portion of the complete list which you are able to select from
The Administrator can add specific user email addresses to receive confirmation emails when payments are made by the cardholders
Select whether to send email confirmation “to user that created the request”. This will allow the user created by the Administrator to receive transaction confirmation emails
Alternately, provide a different email address on the text field below 
Select whether to send email confirmation to Cardholder and type in the address to send from
Customise payment request message to cardholder. DO NOT change content that is between $ sign
For merchants that have more than one payment method, they can select a preferred default Payment Method from the list– Visa Checkout, MasterPass or Card PaymentsVisa Checkout Merchant Take-On
Merchants can also register for Visa Checkout in order to start accepting e-wallet payments from cardholders. To register merchants can mouse to the “Transaction Viewing Layout” section click on the “Reset Transaction Viewing layout dropdown, select “Visa Checkout Management” click the “Submit” button. 
A new page will be display and the merchant can be populating all the fields displayed on the below screen and submit. 
NB: The merchant will also need to notify the Acquiring bank that they need to be enabled for Visa Checkout. 

Please Note: 
The merchant will also need to notify the Acquiring bank that they need to be enabled for Visa Checkout
 Please Note: 
The merchant can now be able to configure terms and conditions to be set and agreed by the cardholder upon making a payment. This is done by inserting a URL link where the merchants’ terms and conditions are found or type out the Terms and conditions.